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2011 is the year of our 5th anniversary. During the whole year we present you each month 1 or 2 artists to interview. The first fan-interview was a big success. Lots of thanks to everyone who participated! The Interview will be published within the next week.

Now we give you the chance to interview one of the well know Jpop singer and actor: Shirota Yu.

He is going to make his solo singing debut as "U" in May, 2011 and kindly accepted to answer your questions. Send them to us using the following form by April 20th (please add also your name and country). We will choose the best ones and he will kindly answer to them.

SCREW at Shibuya-O-West

A black curtain hides the stage at Shibuya's livehouse O-West. Uncountable eyes of beautiful girls follow the silhouettes of people which can be witnessed with a sharp eye behind the cloth from time to time. Just before it is stage time these shapes disappear and the tension among the fans grows...read more

Last year girugamesh sent you their greetings. This year we have a whole bunch of new year greetings for you!

Check out our special! :D

Happy new year to all of you!

No snow in Bochum on Saturday, November 27. So much better for the fans who made this trip by car and for those waiting outside the RuhrCongress. A diverse and cosmopolitan crowd masses in front of the three doors. These doors open on time, and the fans come in a few at a time. Once inside, it's a stampede towards the hall. A room where the group wants furnished seats. Everyone chooses a place thoroughly: not too far from the stage and, if possible, in the center. A constant of comings-and-goings takes place from then on; the fans buy different suggested goodies from the stands or go to buy something to drink or eat. In the hall, one passes time however one can, the front rows begin several Mexican waves. Towards 7 p.m., the fans come back into the hall...read more

read the French article here

As I walk along Times Square up to 44th street trying to find the Best Buy Theater, I wonder where exactly it is, until I spot a rectangle shaped jumbo screen that reads, “Live Tonight, Jin Akanishi, Yellow Gold Tour 3010,” while live videos of his performance, earlier this year in California, play. This must be the place. Fans watch eagerly as they get their bags checked to go inside. Upon entering, I notice that the Best Buy Theater has a very futuristic look to it already. Maybe it’s foreshadowing to set the mood for what is about to take place.

Fans start pouring in to the concert hall to be seated or get themselves a spot at the front of the stage. During the wait, a lot people pile up at the merchandise booth to see what kinds of Jin goodies they can buy for themselves and friends...read more

Find the Interview with Jin Akanishi here

UnsraW at Shibuya-O-West

It has been a performance of only twenty minutes at the event GALAXY PRESENTS ヴァルナ主催 「Theater of Infernal-第三幕-」 on Shibuya-O-West's stage. This is why it only can be seen a foretaste of what to expect from the shows during UnsraW's Europe-Tour starting on November 21st. One would think that this amount of time isn’t even enough for a band's warm-up, but drummer Shou, bassist Jin, the two guitar players Tetsu and Madoka as well as in particular singer Yuuki are successfully creating a whole world between the two main ideas of their music: pain and love. Within the span these two polar themes the vocalist screams out his anger, breaks out in tears of despair, and looks for body contact with his fans as they push each other out of the way to get sprayed with water from his mouth...read more

Den deutschen Artikel findet ihr hier

Metal Safari at Shibuya Cyclone

Metal Safari celebrated their 5th anniversary as well as the release of their second full-length album Prisoner on October 30th.Ironically the live-event took place at Shibuya's livehouse Cyclone at the same time typhoon Chaba was sweeping over Tokyo. The band is at least as powerful as the weather not just in terms of sound. Although they nowadays have a label supporting them, they managed to release their first album all on their own. Furthermore they toured Europe and Asia performing at Taiwan's biggest Rock festival and headlining China's Modern Sky Festival without the support of a label. Although they have never performed at Japan's largest Metal Festival, their street team was present at Loud Park distributing flyer for the live at Cyclone, what proofs how much strength and commitment stands behind the band...read more

Den deutschen Artikel findet ihr hier

Girugamesh tour final in Yokohama

girugamesh held a thrilling concert on October 23rd leaving their fans breathless in their wake. Even after the encore Satoshi, Nii, ShuU and Яyo knew how to surprise their exited followers. In Yokohama their Japanese fans will be in first row welcoming the announcement of their new -yet untitled – album whose release is scheduled for January 26th 2011. Overseas fans will be thrilled to hear about “giru” holding ten concerts in six European countries – Germany, Great Britain and France amongst others – during their world tour...read more

Den deutschen Artikel findet ihr hier

MUCC start their Chemical Parade Tour in stormy times, the first of their two opening shows at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall is held simultaneously with typhoon Chiba sweeping over Tokyo. But fans and Band defied the bad weather and on the second day the weather gods had some understanding. In Central Europe it would be unthinkable to hold an open air concert on the last day of October, but in Japan these days the temperatures are still mild enough. Furthermore the mood would heat up rapidly in Hibiya... read more

You can find the German article here
A community needs people in order to grow. Our website has changed and will continue to change even more in the future. To improve our site we are currently recruiting people that are interested in writing biographies, concert reports and especially English-speaking proof readers. We are also looking for good photographers all around the world.

If you don’t have much time but you’d like to help us anyway, you can help us with our LJ community.

If you’re interested, write us an email: join@nipponproject.com or go to http://nipponproject.com/en/joinus.php

Please include the following in your application:

* Some information about yourself (age, location, languages you speak fluently)
* Why you want to join the team
* What your ambitions are
* Favorite artists
* What kind of work you'd like to do for NP (research, news, proof reading, LJ etc.)

We're looking forward to meeting you.



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