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Official Nippon Project Community on Livejournal

Official Nippon Project Com :: Japanese Music Promoter in EU/AM

Official Nippon Project Community on LJ
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General Language: English
Supported Languages: German/French/Italian

About us:
Nippon Project is an association founded by fans of Japanese music with the intention to promote Japanese Music in Europe and America. That includes co-operation with public institutions and interested private people, the website (www.nipponproject.com) and various events.

The website is updated daily in various languages, regarding biographies, reviews, news, interviews, and other information about Japanese artists.

What you can find here:
+ News, reviews, interviews, concert list, etc.
+ Open topics to ask questions for upcoming Interviews.

How you can help us:
+ If you're also a fan of Japanese music feel free to join us here on LJ or on our website and help us to increase our database and spread the J-Music love around the world~♥
It doesn't matter where you join us because our staff will update both sites, so if you post something here it will also be posted on the website!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by writing a comment are fill out the form here: nipponproject.com


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